“Will Grayson Will Grayson” by John Green, near the picture window with my coffee mug in hand and watching the rain drops falling, this is how I enjoy my monsoons and am sure we all have our various ways in which we enjoy this weather. But trust me try enjoying it with a cup of coffee in your hand, the aroma will definitely add to the awesomeness of this weather. People who are coffee lovers  will know what different types of coffees are and by now definitely must have chosen their favorite form too, but for beginners here’s a detailed discussion about coffee, its origin, what coffee to start with ,, where to buy it from and finally how to brew it.

When we start talking about coffee there are basically two types of coffee one is ARABICA and the other is ROBUSTA. Coffee arabica is believed to be the…

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The Lifespan of Green Coffee


This is always an exciting time of year for coffee professionals. New crops of coffees are all arriving in-house, we are tweaking roast profiles for new coffees, and we get to see some lovely flavors come into focus and balance. The arrival of these fresh coffees is especially welcome, since we have run out of our supply of many coffees, while other coffees are starting to approach the end of their lifespan.

It is easy to forget that coffee is a seasonal, agricultural product. Most farms harvest coffee only once a year, with a few farms yielding a smaller secondary harvest. Once picked and processed, green beans are allowed to rest until moisture content equalizes, then are shipped over to us. Upon arrival, fresh green coffees tend to showcase bright vibrant flavors, with a range of delicate aromatics.

Unfortunately, this is not a permanent state of being for the green coffee. As…

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Perjalanan Kopi (Bagian Kedua: Takengon, Gayo Lues, Kutacane dan Medan )

phing fei

Menyambung cerita saya soal perjalanan kopi di postingan sebelumnya, alkisah saya kunjungi lagi Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam untuk keduakalinya di tahun 2013, tepatnya di bulan Desember. Tidak lain dan tidak bukan adalah karena saya ngebet pengen ke kota Takengon. Kenapa Takengon? Karena kopi. Akibat sudah merasakan nikmatnya Arabica Gayo di kunjungan pertama di Aceh, saya jadi penasaran ingin mengunjungi tempat asal kopi ini.

Takengon yang mayoritas penduduknya adalah suku Gayo, merupakan ibukota kabupaten Aceh Tengah yang terletak di Dataran Tinggi Gayo, sekitar 1.200 mdpl. Lokasinya berbukit-bukit dan terdapat Danau Laut Tawar di tengah-tengahnya. Dengan kondisi geografis ini, Takengon menjadi surga bagi pecinta kopi, di mana perkebunan kopi menyelimuti area ini. Yes, Takengon is the home of Gayo Arabica coffee. It is the little heaven to me.

Kenyataannya, pada hari pertama di Takengon saya berkesempatan mengunjungi perkebunan kopi sambil menikmati pemandangan danau dari ketinggian. Saya juga sempat mengunjungi pabrik kopi milik H…

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